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HaHu Gallery

Exploring different mediums in art allows me for discovering of unique characteristics that each material possesses. Overcoming the challenges of each medium is an exciting endeavor that inspires me in the creation of human shapes and negative space. Themes that relate to family, culture, and the environment add depth and meaning to my work. By delving into family history, once I can understand my roots and the stories behind them, leading to healing and support for others experiencing similar struggles.

The Happiness of Being a Kid


Happiness and pleasure are the feelings that I wanted to seek for this project. Experimenting with all the traumatized problems that I had with my dad when I was young, I want to remind parents/adults that let kids be kids, accept them as who they are, allow them to have fun, and explore the world while they can.


The flipbook was inspired by the sad love story of my mom and dad. He could not stay with my mother for many reasons, so he left and let her raise me all alone. She was brave to do it despite criticisms, struggles, and obstacles being a single mom living within the lines of Vietnamese society. To me, my mom is as beautiful as a giant tree that nourishes my strength and encourages me to be who I am. Using my mother's voice to portray the poem is based on my memories of my mother and how broken my family was. Through this poem, I want to share my sympathy and compassion with my mother and let her know that I feel for her. 

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I've found that using cardboard boxes has opened up a whole new world of creative possibilities for me. There's something about the texture and feel of cardboard that just inspires me to dream big and create on a grand scale. And not only is it a great material to work with, but using recycled cardboard boxes and other found objects has taught me so much about the environment and how we can make a positive impact by repurposing materials. It's amazing to think that something as simple as a cardboard box can be transformed into beautiful, unique works of art. I love being able to merge contemporary and distinctive mediums in my art, and giving these materials a second chance to bloom again is truly rewarding.

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Cardboard boxes and wood glue are my primary materials for this project. Finding a strong connection between me and cardboard boxes is the second chance to change our lives together. I firmly believe I could turn things people throw away, like cardboard boxes, into a beautiful sculpture, encapsulating my artist’s voice. Artists Ann Weber and Laurence Vallieres inspired me to accomplish my project by using cardboard boxes. 

The eye is the core of my soul: it observes everything around me and gives me a sense of life. It is also built with love from people like my family, kids, friends, and boss, who love and believe in me. It's a solidification of my soul and something to look back at whenever I make mistakes. My dream of success is expressed by a wing full of holes, representing my mistakes. It is a message to myself that no matter what, I still have to keep trying and striving for the people who love me and also for myself. I want to dream big and follow it without any fear, knowing people stay by my side and are connected to me.


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