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Follow My Dream

"Who will I become?" "What job will fit me?" These are the questions I always asked myself while growing up. As a little girl growing up in a broken family,  I never thought I would ever be successful in anything. I made mistakes, learned, and struggled for many years on the road to finding myself – which was not easy. But finally, I understand myself, love it, and am compassionate. 

The eye is the core of my soul: it observes everything around me and gives me a sense of life. It is also built with love from people like my family, kids, friends, and boss, who love and believe in me. It's a solidification of my soul and something to look back at whenever I make mistakes. My dream of success is expressed by a wing full of holes, representing my mistakes. It is a message to myself that no matter what, I still have to keep trying and striving for the people who love me and also for myself. I want to dream big and follow it without any fear, knowing people stay by my side and are connected to me.

Cardboard boxes and wood glue are my primary materials for this project. Finding a strong connection between me and cardboard boxes is the second chance to change our lives together. I firmly believe I could turn things people throw away, like cardboard boxes, into a beautiful sculpture, encapsulating my artist’s voice. Artists Ann Weber and Laurence Vallieres inspired me to accomplish my project by using cardboard boxes. 

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