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The Happiness of Being a Kid

Medium: Ceramic, Photo Printed, Video

Location: San Jose, California

Year: 2022

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Happiness and pleasure are the feelings that I wanted to seek for this project. Experimenting with all the traumatized problems that I had with my dad when I was young, I want to remind parents/adults that let kids be kids, accept them as who they are, allow them to have fun, and explore the world while they can.

The "Traumatized" image represents the feeling of a kid that wants to learn new things and explore the things they have never seen before, but the parent keeps saying no and not allowing them to do anything.
In contrast to all the despair, the "Explored" image portrays the moment when a kid can enjoy and discover things by themself.
The sound of ceramic leaves combined with the rainy fall creates a feeling of pleasure, relaxation, and playfulness for the kid to have fun. Kids will comprehend more if we let them be themself and do things in their way.

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